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Shirt Framing Chelmsford, Essex

Archival Football Shirt framing to Rugby Shirt Framing available in Chelmsford, Essex

All Shirts are framed using a conservation technique.

Firstly a board is positioned inside the shirt, to keep it rigid and upright in the frame. The piece of board is acid free.
The use of acid free board is very important as this does the job of absorbing any acids that might be in the atmosphere, these can cause the fabric to be damaged over time.
The shirt is folded around the inner board and then fixed onto the back piece of mount board.
They are attached at the neckline to the backing and held in place at the bottom by a photo corner technique. This allows fabric movement within the frame.
The framing needs to be a reversible process, glue, pins or staples will damage the shirt. Using this reversible fixing technique means the shirt can be removed at any time.
This is very important as the shirt may be a collector's item.

All the mount board and backing board used within the frame are acid free, this is so none of the materials used can cause any damage to the shirt.

At the back of the frame a box frame is built to ensure the shirt is kept away from the glass. This allows air movement within the frame and any dampness in the air to dry, which could lead to a build up of mould between the glass and the fabric.
The reason for this technique is to preserve the shirt for the future.

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Football Shirt Framing Shirt displayed with a medal