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DAN BALDWIN | The Limited Edition Print Show

P R I V A T E V I E W - F R I D A Y 20 J U N E
6pm - 9pm

A collection of 12 stunning, sort after limited edition prints based around life, harmony & balance, will be available to view & buy from Turner Barnes Gallery space in Roxwell, Essex in June 2014.

His work is internationally collected by an exclusive clientele. Baldwin has exhibited his paintings, prints and ceramics around the world. He has enjoyed a stream of critically lauded sell-out solo shows and presented his work in art fairs in Basel, Miami, L.A, Tokyo, San Francisco, London and New York.

Baldwin set a personal record at Bonhams in February, 2008 when his piece Apocalypse Wow - The End of Everything sold for over £25,000. Since then, his works have sold for up to £30,000.

Dan Baldwin, born in Manchester (1972- ), studied communication media at Eastbourne College of Art and Design with commendation and an award for best student (90-92).He received his BA with honours in communication media and illustration from Kent Institute of Art and Design (92-95/96), Maidstone, where he was awarded commendation and invited to be studio associate the following year.

Dan does not like to be referred to as an urban artist because that is not his background, although he can appreciate the work of the great urban artists and has worked alongside the likes of Shepard Fairy and DFACE. Dan is trained in illustration and communication media. There is a lot of urban contemporary portraiture that although technically excellent, dan finds aesthetically unappealing.

He creates a unique and immediately recognisable vision in his silkscreen prints. His work is at once both abstract and figurative, reflecting both reality and the world of imagination. Baldwin's subject matter is the interior of his own mind, from rumination on love, memory or philosophical issues, to an airing of opinion on politics and/or current affairs. The work is multi-layered, both physically (Baldwin can use glazes, diamond dust, collage and 3D media on top of his silkscreen surface) and in terms of meaning.

When Dan first started out on the path of an artist, he couldn’t afford canvas do he painted on wood. Still to this day he enjoys painting on wood but is now able to indulge into a whole new world of acrylic to gloss paint, resin to vintage toys, hand made tiles to canvas and ceramic. The work goes in five different directions at once.

Dan has always kept his hand in art before he was able to become a full time artist. Restoring two cars and building a half pipe are some of his achievements

His pieces have been bought by many people of interest including Liam Howlett, Maxim (The Prodigy), Patsy Palmer, Chris Packham, Gem Archer & Andy Bell (Oasis, Beady Eye), Jo Whiley, Petra Ecclestone, Holly Willoughby, Ant McPartlin, Sir Ronald Cohen, Shepard Fairey, Mark lanegan, Alison Mosshart & Jake Chapman, and he has worked with brands as diverse as Atomic Skis, Max factor, Sara Berman, and recently Paolo Nutini on his comeback album campaign of 2014.
In July 2011 he featured on the cover of Art of England magazine. He is in the permanent collection of the Groucho Club and Cafe Royal.

In October 2014 Dan will unveil his first bronze in New York City. The beautiful sculpture has been cast in a foundry in Athens. This is taking Dan’s art to a whole new level. Alongside are a new ceramics collection, each pot is a combination of intricate white clay, terracotta clay, 3D cast objects and 20% pure gold & platinum. The show is titled “The End of Innocence”

Balanced poetic harmonious colourful contradictive sometimes unsettling sometimes beautiful thought provoking…

The Limited Edition Print collection will be on show at Turner Barnes Gallery in Roxwell, from the 21st June, with a private view on Friday 20th June (6pm-9pm), just off the A1060 on Boyton Hall Farm.

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Dan Baldwin Artist | Print Exhibition June 2014