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DIRTY SEXY MONEY...artist: Ben Allen an introduction to modern day “POP ART” with a sweet sprinkling of skulls ”

artist: Ben Allen
an introduction to modern day “POP ART” with a sweet sprinkling of skulls ”


Exhibition dates: London June 28th – 30th 2012
Chelmsford July 5th July – 28th August2012
Private View: London - Wednesday 27th June , evening event 6-9pm

@ 32 Store Street

@ Boyton Hall Farm
Chelmsford, Essex


DIRTY SEXY MONEY…Pop ART is about to Pop UP!
the first London Solo Show for the increasingly popular artist, Ben Allen


TURNER | BARNES | GALLERY host BEN ALLEN’S first solo show in London.

A collection of 46 stunning new works based around today’s modern culture, go on sale at the end of June.

Exhibited for the first time at this POP UP event “DIRTY SEXY MONEY”, curated and hosted by TURNER | BARNES| GALLERY, is the biggest collection to go on sale in one go from Ben Allen to date!

This new collection has been keeping Ben hidden away in his Brighton based studio for the best part of a year and now the time has come for the eagerly awaited works to be revealed for the first time at an amazing location in the art capital of the world. Showcasing on a London platform, puts DIRTY SEXY MONEY amongst some of the biggest art shows in the world. Set in the new up & coming art area in the heart of the Capital, a gallery space in Store Street, London’s newly regenerated area by the British Museum. Part of a row of traditional, individual shops just a short walk from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road.

The popularity around the work of Ben Allen has been quietly growing on the art scene of emerging artists over the last few years, with the anticipation for this solo show bubbling under the surface, expectations are running high as to what he is going to do next…TURNER | BARNES | GALLERY has seen Ben Allen grow to one of their best selling artists over the 18 months they have been representing him, so a solo show was the next natural step as the demand for his work is increasing at such a rapid rate.

The International Art Fairs best kept secret is about to POP!

Ben has stretched his ideas, colour pallet, subject matters, mediums and techniques to create a truly explosive show!

DIRTY SEXY MONEY is an exhibition of work fused together in 7 individual collections each exposing the diverse influences Ben has collected throughout his life. Inspiration from weather swept billboards to the mass production of modern culture, the art sees layers of experiences and hidden suggestions revealed, creating a spontaneous and unpredictable collection.

If you are a fan of Warhol you will be a fan of this.

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Dirty Sexy Money_Ben Allen Dirty Sexy Money_Ben Allen Dirty Sexy Money_Ben Allen Dirty Sexy Money_Ben Allen Dirty Sexy Money_Ben Allen